Does the future of the software not be low-key? Tech consultants share forecasts for 2020 [DesignRush QuickSights]

To help businesses keep pace with post-epidemic trends, Designer has released a new series called “Quick Views” – bite, expert insights on all digital things. Last issue It explores the expert forecast of technical consultants for the future of software development in 2020.

new York, June 25, 2021. (PRNewswire-PRWeb) In 2018, 89% of businesses surveyed by IDG are planning a digital start-up strategy. However, Even after the digital revolution of 2020, many are still not ready to support this initiative. The IT class remains the second largest in the industry with potential gaps.

This has created interest for citizen developers and low-cost / non-codeless platforms. Businesses now have the opportunity to develop applications outside the IT department and, according to the study, will accelerate growth by up to 90%.

Experts have been debating whether this trend is indicative of a slowdown in traditional software development in the coming years.

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This week’s quick views of the web and software developers’ expert forecasts show what low-key code will look like in 2020.

1. No-code locations for rapid growth associated with upgrade speed

Technologists at 4ire Labs have recognized the digital transformation that is taking place in their industry. Their general manager Helen Petrachuk He even called it a ‘No-code Revolution’ and explained why.

  • “The world’s most advanced engineers and high demand will slow down the global digital transformation process,” said Petraschuk. The market is huge, according to Gartner. $ 13.8 billion With 23% growth in 2021.

2. Low-cost codecs that are more useful in real companies than others

Despite the proliferation and undeniable benefits of low-code / non-code platforms, not every business can maximize its benefits. Gravelsoft business consultant Ihor Maksymonko saw what kind of industry SVP could have.

  • “Codeless platforms exploded in 2020, and many companies are now paying close attention to such adjustments,” Maximico said. Primarily among many of our clients [the financial services] Location, we see that more than 50% of app upgrades use low / codeless platforms.

3. Low-code / non-code-based in traditional programming because of their limitations

As new technologies continue to evolve, low-cost / non-code platforms have major limitations, so experts will not see them replacing traditional programming business services in the 2020s. Thomas Havic, a senior fellow developer at Yord Studios, thinks that repairs will be a major threat.

  • “Ask most developers and they will give you the same answer: Visual programming tools may seem more accessible, but it is very difficult to maintain the codec base written on them. Go a little deeper and you will find that the text is easier to understand than the middle-aged website.

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