Early Signs Of Bladder Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Bladder cancer is one of those diseases that might pop out very abruptly. A large number of patients are diagnosed with it, especially men and patients over 65. Some endure bladder cancer even if their GYN care is quite regular. Regardless of the numbers and statistics, we’re here to provide you with all the symptoms that might indicate potential bladder cancer.

Women who suffer from bladder cancer are over 17,000 every year in the US. It’s been reported by The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network that women are more susceptible to being diagnosed with bladder cancer at advanced stages, because it’s usually to hard acknowledge its signs from the beginning. 

Therefore, being vigilant and looking out for the early signs of bladder cancer can curb its progression and save you from a lot of trouble. Dr. Paul Littman, is here to help and provide relevant info on the elusive symptoms of bladder cancer that often go unnoticed. 

1. Blood in the urine

Blood in the urine is the most common early symptom of bladder cancer. This symptom can be pretty elusive for women since it doesn’t happen at a specific time, it doesn’t cause any pain, and can be easily confused with menopause or menstruation.