Free billing software for freelancers and small businesses

Free billing software for freelancers and small businesses

If you are a small business owner – or a freelancer looking for billing software to raise bills and go to fundraising Zoho Invoices. Zoho Corp. – The company behind this cloud-based solution is an Indian technology company that provides software services and cloud computing. The company, which is best known for its collection, now offers free online billing solutions, which is respected by GTS.

What did you find …

  • Zoho Receipt Allows you to create and send customized receipts. You can select a template from the gallery and then customize it to suit your products.
  • Allows you to create multilingual invoices in up to 17 languages ​​and send receipts to your customers with local currency. You can make basic currency adjustments and then analyze revised balances.
  • If you have customers who receive standard services or products, this tool allows you to set up a recurring profile for them to automatically pay for.
  • In addition to disclosing GST treatment to customers, the software allows you to assign HSN code to the products / services on which it operates.
  • With Zoho Invoice you can also generate customer returns and return them with credit notes.
  • It also allows you to create shipping bags to accompany your luggage as it travels.
  • If you are in the service industry, this cloud software will help you track your time, so you can accurately charge your customers for the hours they spend on their projects.
  • Zoho Invoices urges your customers to pay by SMS or email. You can also send personalized thank you notes when you receive payments.
  • Customers may be offered the option to pay via UI, credit / debit cards, net banks, wallets, bank transfers or checks.
  • Additionally, this tool allows you to send security receipts even to your customers for pre-paid collections.
  • Your customers will have access to a self-service portal where you can view their invoices and make payments.
  • You will find a dashboard that shows your transactions and business in one place.

So, how to get started?

Create a free account at or sign in using your credentials Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter Or Microsoft.

The website offers ready-made solutions in more than 22 categories, including contractors, freelancers, nonprofits, training centers, consultants, law firms, designers, salons, photographers, musicians and catering services.
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As a newcomer to Accounting Zero Knowledge, you have the necessary business and GST. You can view the website’s resource section, which includes instructions, as well as help documents and websites that will help you get up and running with this powerful tool in no time. At the very least, Zoho Invoice is also available as a free app Android, iOS And Windows.