INSEDO Partners with Eurox Software to bring world-class sales equipment and services to medical science clients for medical business operations

The partnership provides in-depth services and tools to meet the needs of a growing number of life sciences customers worldwide. Aurochs’ core tools combined with Inesedo’s in-depth life sciences information and business knowledge provide the necessary support to customers in the Life Science business. Incento Euros’s major incentive compensation solution supports global applications and supports their clients in managing their ongoing operations, analytics and reporting needs. This partnership will help customers improve the way they manage their sales incentives and provide end-to-end automation without compromising the flexibility, timeliness and incentive payrolls.

Aurochs Cloud Negotiations provides in-depth cloud experience with deep Amazon web services and Microsoft roaming partners that help in deploying customer cloud environments.

Led by business leaders from Life Science Business, the Inesedo and Aurachs teams have been working extensively for decades with extensive consulting services.

Shashak Arya“I am very pleased to be working with Aurox Software, and we are now able to bring world-class incentive compensation tools to our life sciences clients around the world,” he said.

“With this partnership, our services will now be globally accessible, scalable, and open up new opportunities for our cloud capabilities in the commercial pharmaceutical domain,” said Amit Jan, CEO of Operations Software.

Aurochs Versatile Solution is comprised of cloud platforms that support the entire sales promotion process flow:

  • Incentive Manager: Calculator with intuitive interface, standard IC planning elements, metrics, data structures, quality, approval and audit framework, modeling skills, multi-country deployment with cross country report
  • Field Participation Manager: Out-of-Box Performance Report Multi-Device Compatible Web Reporting Platform, “Anyway” Calculator, Globalization, Integrated Certification / Workflow, Distribution and Communication Boards
  • Quota Manager: Quota / goal management tool with built-in quota management methods using out-of-sales analytics and images using off-sales and non-sales metrics and consulting workflow.
  • MBO Manager: An integrated self-service module based on the size (built-in discussion / commentary) of basic non-sales KPIs.
  • I.C. Health Monitoring: Describe a fair audit tool to evaluate IC plans using statistical statistics, visuals, and industry-standard performance indicators.
  • Name List Manager: Manage and monitor sales staff, states, alignment, including dynamic work arrangements, temporary jobs, interruptions

About Inesedo

Insedo is a US-based digital transformation consultant, information science and analytics firm, and a technology services and solutions organization. We help our customers stay competitive in the end-to-end digital transformation and work in the financial services, telecom, life sciences and healthcare and product engineering sectors. Our diversity is based on strong engineering, information science and design skills combined with a deep domain understanding and blurring the boundaries between services and products to maximize the business impact of emerging technologies.

Insedo has more than 2,500 professionals in 7 offices in the United States. Canada, And India Combined with strong AWS and Microsoft Azure partnerships in pharmaceutical information management, reporting, analysis and information science capabilities. Incedo is a migration consultant and a consultant partner of Microsoft Azur Gold, AWS.

About the Aurochs

Auras is a new era company that provides cloud platforms, data management solutions and advanced analytics services, especially for the life science industry. From setting sales targets, setting non-sales objectives, calculating field sales incentives, sales access and payment performance, participating Aurochs are the main ICs. The solution is a comprehensive set of resources to manage various incentive programs. Actively conduct post-hoc IC analysis of sales force and temporal measures.

Aurax is headquartered Pan, India And it all has more than 50 employees India. Aurochs has international clients based outside of the United States and Europe.

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