Net McKelster’s description of how a part-time software product works

I was inspired by the success stories of many interested entrepreneurs, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. Their success was exactly what I wanted. Interestingly, when I first tried to get Unicorn software, the “next big thing” was that I had never made any money as an entrepreneur.

The actual idea was the same as yelp + Facebook. I quickly realized that social media is a place where people can “rate” friends with various intangible traits, such as kindness, humor, and so on. Mass destruction by cyber bullying.

So, I put the software on the back burner and decided to get into some practical business models. I started selling products from a garage on Amazon. Then I started creating services for other vendors and swimming in content creation and affiliate marketing. However, the siren software call always called me in the background. I was looking for my own software but now I was looking for something as part of a “functional revenue portfolio” rather than an invention that describes my final career. So, I moved. Instead of looking at macro ideas such as “Next Twitter” or “Uber of” software, I looked for the smallest possible solutions. If you look closely, there is no shortage of anger that people would gladly pay for in any cottage or community. My goal was to find one in a natural way and create the best, most straightforward solution for him and pack it for others to buy.

Fortunately, I am a fan of Amazon FB. There were tons of such opportunities where I was already a member by selling products on.

One big problem that has affected every vendor: IP on third-party products. If complaints endanger their warehouses. If you have too many of these complaints, Amazon may permanently block you.

The problemSome brands have filed IP complaints against sellers and there is little you can do to eliminate them.

The solution: A tool that lets sellers know which products to avoid thanks to a database of offended brands. A Google Chrome extension that did something with the help of a business partner and an effort to build this database has appeared on Amazon if the brand complains.

It cost less than $ 1,000 and was developed in less than a week due to the simplicity and single focus of the device.

The device currently earns an average of more than five digits per month. A simple but important task to solve an important need. We are not going to be billionaires, but the software is a huge asset to our monthly revenue portfolio and you are welcome. So ask yourself, is success really based on making the next Facebook or are you very satisfied with a small software product? It has little function and requires little care. Requires primary costs due to low requirements for development. Requires small sustained capital for support, servers, etc.

take away

There are unlimited software opportunities in every unique space and you do not need to create a solution that does everything for success. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Pay attention to the problems you face in your own business or life and see if you can solve them. If you can, you can probably sell the surplus as software.

Linn Published June 25, 2021