New translation software for Kovv can free hospital beds Doctors | Indian News – Indian Times

NEW DELHI: New translation software and hospital admissions for people who do not want to stay in the hospital can facilitate the allocation of health care resources such as doctors and beds during the epidemic.
The software has been used on 550 patients in three community-based care facilities in Kolkata since May and has reduced dependence on developers by 50%.
The software – called the Covenant Scale – is a collaboration between JVV Innovations, Social Impact Organization, IIT-Guwahati (Tech Partner), Dr. Kevin Daliwal of the University of Edinburgh, and Dr. Siantan Bandopadia of the former World Health Organization ፡ Searching
The algorithm measures signs, symptoms, critical parameters, test reports, and co-positive patient-related injuries and assigns a covive score score ranging from 15 (sick patient) to 100 (very sick patient). A doctor can find and monitor a large number of patients anywhere on her device and prescribe treatment accordingly.
A doctor can read and monitor up to 200 results per day remotely. In two of the three centers in Kolkata, the software reduced the need to see a doctor in person by 50%. For his part, JSV Innovations founder Dr. Satadal Saha said it can be used in times of medical shortage.
At the peak of an epidemic, where daily travel loads can be up to five pounds or more, such software can help health workers diagnose a wide range of patients remotely. He also said that medical care could be provided to patients who could not afford treatment or could not leave their homes due to housing problems.
“What we have seen so far is 15-30, which means that the patient is more likely to be admitted to the hospital; 50-70 means that the patient may be isolated at home or in a safe home and should be monitored eight times a day. More than 70 results indicate the need for hospitalization. As the result is close to 100, the pain is much worse, Saha said.
The details of the patient can be accessed by a trained health care worker, making it more accessible in rural areas.
The software took about a year to develop, and on May 17 of this year, it was launched in three community care centers in three different parts of Kolkata, including the 100-bed Government Coverage Care Center at Barackerer.
The technology is also available at four JSV Innovation Clinics in the weak areas of JSS Investments in West Bengal.
Dr. Pronil Roy, who used the software at Covd ICU at SSKM Hospital, Kolkata, said it was “unthinkable” to make COV treatment more “realistic and standardized.” When I see a patient, face to face, with a certain amount of theme, I find that in my experience, there is a lack of consistency in treating patients individually, especially at home. Some physicians prescribe eight drugs, and some take more or less. But this software eliminates that compliance. ”