Reality X7 Max Review: The ultimate space power, a little bit of software support

Qualcomm is the chip maker of choice for most high-end Snapdragon chipsets for most mobile players. However, Miditek is not sidelined this year by bringing heat to the market with modern Dimens chips. The Dimensity 1200 is one of the most powerful offerings, and the Realmex X7 Max is the first phone outside China to show off.

With the initial results that can be compared to the Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 1200, does it have what it takes to win hearts and minds in the X7 Max? Damaged: Yes, it has a lot of power to satisfy your gaming needs.

Design, hardware, in the box

I was not a fan of the slogan printed on the back of the Realme X7 Pro, so I’m glad this puppy ended up. This does not mean that the phone is out of sight. The back of the attractive polycarbonate has a soft stream inside with a color-changing logo. Although I did not complain about the use of polycarbonate on the back, I think the sides should have been made of metal – with polycarbonate, heat dissipation is not as effective as the others.

However, the advantage of using plastic is that the phone is very light and easy to hold. The power button on the yellow is on the right and the volume pack on the left. Both are easy to access and realistic. The phone was aimed at players, so Rimm threw it into the headset.

What is a high-performance display without a game-oriented phone? The Realme X7 Max has a 6.43-inch FHD + OLED display with 120Hz resolution and 360Hz touch-screen. The OLED panel has deep blacks and large contrasts, giving you a pleasant viewing experience even in games with dark scenes. In terms of responsiveness, the display is good value, and the software overlay allows you to adjust the sensation and delay even while playing.

Unfortunately, the phone loses HDR certification, which means you don’t have improved colors in video apps like Netflix and YouTube. The media consumption experience is aided by excellent stereo speakers. They shout loudly and do not lack depth even at the highest level. The provided fingerprint sensor is very accurate and always unlocks the phone.

Realme offers a near-yellow-clear case, a 65W proprietary charger, and a SIMEjector device with a Realme X7 Max.

Software, Performance and Battery

Realme UI 2.0 is based on Android 11, and I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite Android skins out there. It looks clean, UII is easy to navigate, and there is a boat load of useful features, including many features, a customizable AOD and a few screenshots to name a few. However, the software comes with a decent share of the software, and spam notifications from pre-installed apps are widespread – Xiaomi MIUI 12 is much better in this aspect.

The software has no display bugs, but the small ones can still be annoying. For example, when trying to stop Netflix, the phone often freezes, but the media still plays in the background. The only solution is to reboot in this case. This wall is usually designed for anyone who watches Netflix. Realme is still working to implement smart home controls in the power key.

Another feature of the phone’s error is software updates. The phone will be installed with Android 11, but it will always get Android 12. This is particularly unfair, especially as Android 12 is just a few months away. If it is a consolation, it will get two years of security updates, but it is safe to assume that the frequency will not be monthly. Given that competitors like OnePlus and Samsung offer the best software support in this price segment, Realme should improve the game.

As for performance, the Dimensity 1200 does not fail to impress. The phone flies through apps, and games work really well – although not all of them are fully optimized for the phone. Looking at the net starting results, the phone touched 677,561 in the antenna; Geekbench single-core score is 967 less than 1000, and multi-core score is cool 3,288. These numbers are close to phones with the Snapdragon 870 post and less than 10% with Snapdragon 888 devices.

The Real X7 Max also has large RAM management. Apps that were opened the previous day are waiting to be reopened to allow them to start over. While I was playing on the 12GB model, many devices with enough RAM still drive apps out of RAM. I was relieved that Realm X7 Max was not one of them.

Continuous performance is not comparable to Snapdragon flags, but the phone’s polycarbonate frame can play a role in keeping it warm. When setting up and restoring WhatsApp Media, the phone was very hot, which led to a problem. However, this should not be the case for most activities.

There is a 4,500 mAh battery on the board that can activate the phone all day unless you are wasting time playing games or taking photos. However, in that case, the 50W SuperDart charge should be reasonable. Bleeding is fast, which takes 25 minutes to reach 60% and reach 55 full.


The Realme X7 Max has a three-camera setup – a 64MP Sony IMX682 sensor, an 8MP ultrasound and a 2MP macro sensor – with the ultimate goal of capturing close-up photos that look great on them. Taken with potatoes.

The main sensor, however, does not disappoint with a large dynamic range and many details. However, the colors are on the near side, and this may not be appealing to everyone – green looks especially nuclear. As long as the subject matter is human, the X7 Max can also take interesting photos – some things actually cast a bock algorithm (check box 3 anywhere). Low-light bullets are never bad, they are reduced in volume, fires around light sources and good details.

Although it is not related to the previous sensor in terms of dynamic range or color science, it is the best ultrasound sensor I have seen at this price point. There is a limited night mode that provides service bullets, but they give you a slightly magnified pixel greeting.

If you do not want to capture artificial selfies, I highly recommend disabling the most powerful and default beauty filter. Once you disable them, the phone will ‘provide easy-to-upload selfies. Strains work great for most parts, but once the phone rings – look at the image of the victim on the side of my head with a very clever algorithm.

The phone can take [email protected] You get videos with the main sensor, but only for 1080p videos with software-supported stabilization. Like the other phones in this section, videos from the front camera are hidden [email protected] This (and a little crop when the sensor shoots camera videos before) is not a suitable phone to support the Realmex X7 Max.

Should you buy it?

Yes, but if you can, wait. The Realmex X7 Max and its MediaTek Dimensity 1200 can be traded with a few Snpdragon-powered smartphones out there, but at a fraction of the cost. In addition to great performance, the added camera experience, sharp 120HZ OLED display, bomb speakers, headphone jack and Zip Realme UI 2.0 are also added. While these factors may extend the reach of the phone, there are a few drawbacks.

Realme UI still has bloatware, and spam notifications from pre-installed apps are on the rise. Also, the phone will never be officially updated for Android 12 and it is not a good look for the pricey phone. Another thing that doesn’t support the phone is the build – it’s not as good as the Xiaomi Mi 11X feels. But if you are the one to put the phones on hold right away, this may not be the case for you.

Not all games are fully optimized for this phone. Above all, he has a poke The Poco F3 GT has proven to be a hit. If you do not know much about the upcoming phone, it is expected that it will be a redesigned version of the Redmi K40 game. The phone uses the same processor and has the added benefit of shoulder keys and gameplay (although that might be harmful). While it may not be worthwhile to buy the phone on the X7 Max, it may be worth the wait if you are not in a hurry to buy a new phone.

All done, ፣ 26,999 for the 8GB / 128GB variant and for the 12GB / 256GB, 29,999 starting price is very attractive. The Real X7 Max isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely a reasonable discount in terms of price – support for many 5G bands, and a guarantee for the future.

Buy it …

  • You need a zip phone that can handle hard work
  • Tired of using Chonki phones

If you don’t buy it …

  • You’re big on major building materials
  • You are looking for the best software support

Where to buy