Security software prices will increase by 2% -4% during 2021-2025 | Get marketplace insights on SpendEdge

  • High line development
  • Input balance
  • Category Creativity
  • Basic rationality of supply
  • Interest forecasting and management
  • Simplify temporary purchases
  • Respect for control differences
  • Cost savings
  • Customer retention
  • TCO reduction
  • Simplify temporary purchases
  • Green motivation

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SpendEdge identified that in Security software purchase market, Under the pressure of substitutes and the middle threat of newcomers, has resulted in a modest bargaining power of suppliers. This makes it very important to have the right pricing and pricing model. Buyers need to adapt their pricing models to security software and identify cost-effective solutions.

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Table of Contents

  • executive summary
  • Market insights
  • Category price perceptions
  • Cost-effective opportunities
  • Best practices
  • Category Ecology
  • Category Management Strategy
  • Category Management Activists
  • Choice of suppliers
  • Suppliers under cover
  • U.S. Market Perceptions
  • Category boundary

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