Tesla recalls ‘software software’ vehicles in China

A Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle made in China has been unveiled at the Chang Guangzhou Automatic Show in Guangzhou Province, China. REUTERS / Yilei Sun / File Photo

BEIJING, June 26 (Reuters) – Chinese regulators on Saturday recalled Tesla Inc. (TOSO) ‘s online software update related to a drive that supports Chinese-made Model 3 and Model Y cars. They need to get their vehicles back

According to the regional administration’s market regulation website, the move is linked to the use of electric vehicles, which is currently causing accidents that can be triggered by accident.

Remote Online Software “Remember” – the first for Tesla cars built in China – covers 249,855 Model 3 and Model Y cars made in China and 35,665 Model 3 cars imported.

Tesla, which currently manufactures Model 3 sedan and Model E sports-utility vehicles in Shanghai, sold 33,463 Chinese-made electric cars in May, according to industry data. Read more

Report by Bailey Sun and Tony Munro; Edited by William Mallard

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